“And I must be an acrobat, to talk like this and act like that” — Bono, Acrobat

Very original, I must admit, naming this blog after a song lyric. Was MySpace all out of memberships? What, no pictures of cats? Believe it or not, the first name I chose for this blog was “The Cat Herder”. But, then I found out there were other blogs with that same title and my ego couldn’t handle that. I was always fond of that EDS Super Bowl commercial with the cowboys herding cats and then I read Scott Rosenberg’s Dreaming in Code, which had a great chapter on managing software developers. Rosenberg made the observation that managing software developers was much like herding cats. Although not an original observation, that chapter has more insights into this strange class of people known as software developers (of which I occasionally still consider myself a member of ;-)) than I’ve read anywhere else.

I write about quite a few different topics on this blog. For a while it was heavily focused on agile, lean, and software development in general. Then it went without updates for a while. And recently I got the bug to write some but lately it’s not about software development. I’m sure I’ll write about software development in the future. For now, it’s whatever comes into my head and comes out on the other end of my fingertips. That thought scares me too.