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Where you been?

TL;DRI’ve been away for six weeks, healing from severe depression and suicidal thoughts. I’m back in Vegas now. If I see you in person and you want to know more about where I’ve been and what I’ve been going through, I’ll likely refer you to this post if you haven’t read it already. What I’m sharing here is best for me to express in writing and then discuss from there.

Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been cover

This is a difficult post for me to write. I finally decided to write it a little over a week ago after considering the fact that a post (I thought I deleted) went out for a period of time for all to see. That post was a brief goodbye note with an accompanied YouTube playlist. And when I say “goodbye”, I mean goodbye. Not to writing here. Not to social media. Not to the Internet. No, I meant goodbye to life.

As I’ve found myself warning people over the past month or so… It’s about to get dark. Real dark. (And long. Real long.)

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