Putting moneys in sock monkeys (i.e. a Craigslist story)

My wife recently listed a bedroom set on Craigslist, that beacon of light for all of humanity. Craigslist seems like YouTube comments with the added feature of filtering by geographical location and then sales categories. In other words, the best and the brightest can be found there. My wife was reminded of that as she […]

If you install a new garbage disposal and then find your dishwasher filled with water…

Make sure the drain plug on the garbage disposal is removed. That’s the short answer. The longer story follows. I’m an idiot and didn’t think there would be a plug there. Guess what happened the first time the dishwasher ran after the new garbage disposal was in place? The dishwasher was full of water after […]


I was originally going to write a post on enterprise software. The gist of it was going to be: Why does enterprise software tend to suck in general? It’s not a new observation, nor a particularly interesting one, so I thought about what really bothered me with enterprise software. I think what really bothers me […]