Shared: The Blue Tape List

Having been through this experience many times, I’ve discovered that a simple fix is patience. In time, that which is different will feel normal. It’s why when a team member reports moderate concerns with a new hire that I gently always ask, “When did they start?” If the answer is less than two months, I suggest, “If it’s not heinous behavior, give it another month. They’re still adapting to a new environment, and we don’t know who they are.”

Rands in Repose: The Blue Tape List

Solid advice in this post. Adjusting to a new job or role takes time. We notice things that appear to be broken in these situations. Some things are broken, some are not. Keeping a list is good during this adjustment period. Revisit once some time (3 months is good guidance) has passed to determine what needs fixed, what needs improved, and what is actually OK to leave as it is, at least for now. – Josh