Your hiring process might be broken if…

After 20 years in IT I’ve experienced some poor hiring practices from both sides of the equation. Some of these include (in no particular order):

  • When looking at your hiring process value stream it becomes evident that the time between each “phase” is measured in weeks and it’s not because you’re waiting on the candidate.
  • You don’t have a defined hiring process, which includes these symptoms:
    • There are no known number of interview rounds or phases
    • Interview rounds are inconsistent with a wide variety of questions and focus from candidate-to-candidate
    • You can’t tell the candidate what the “next steps” are at any point in your loosely defined process
    • There is no core hiring team, just whoever can be available at any given time
    • No one involved with the hiring process is sure how to provide feedback on candidates to help inform the “next steps”
    • Candidates and all the information about them and their place in the hiring process is spread across many different locations (and no one is quite sure what/where all those locations are)
    • There’s no clarity about how you’ll decide if candidates move forward or not
  • Your hiring managers never seem to have time for hiring people.
  • Candidates are filtered out based on ludicrous (and even illegal) factors, including: race, gender, age, religion, looks, nationality, marital status, etc.
  • Your interviews…
    • include people on your hiring team staring at a device (laptop, phone, etc.) during the interview.
    • include people on your hiring team scrambling to read about the candidate they are interviewing.
    • include people on your hiring team treating the interview as a venue to show how smart they are.
    • don’t align with the job posting.
    • start immediately into questions with no introductions of who is conducting the interview.
    • start habitually late due to issues on your side.
    • leave no time (or simply don’t accommodate) for the candidate to ask questions.
  • You use 3rd party recruiters who represent your company poorly with email blasts, unsolicited phone calls, and other unprofessional techniques.
  • You wait until the end of the hiring process to discuss compensation.
  • You find most of the candidates you’re interested in won’t accept your compensation range, yet you fail to make proper adjustments in either compensation or targeted candidates.
  • You fail to reply to candidates in a polite and timely manner when it’s been decided they aren’t moving forward through your process.
  • There’s a hiring team, yet the hiring manager is the only one with a real voice in the matter.
  • Candidates in your hiring pipeline feel as though they’re just another number moving through a system rather than a potentially valuable new member of the company being vetted before an offer is made.

Think I’m off on any of these? See some I’m missing? Please let me know. :-)