About Me

I’m a husband and father who lives in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve worked in tech for a little over 20 years. The past 12+ years have been focused on product and project management. I’m an Agile and Lean advocate who has experienced the beautiful, good, bad, and ugly of Agile, Lean, and implementations of everything in between over the years. I occasionally get inspired to write here based on these experiences. It helps me learn and sometimes even helps others learn as well. 😉

I occasionally get the urge to write some code, which has led to the following services.

emojination logo

emojination is a Slack chat game for teams. It’s charades with emojis. Over 1,500 teams have installed emojination with 9,500+ games played.

myPod logo

myPod is a web service that takes a keyword search and returns an RSS feed that a user can subscribe to in their podcast app of choice (iTunes, Pocket Casts, etc.) to automatically get new episodes that match the search.

I own a (horrible) husky named Hunter. The ultimate “project” that keeps on giving and giving and…