A Bastion of Customer Service: Home Depot

Looks like Seth Godin has noticed the same stellar service at Home Depot that I have of late. Mind you, I’m not hanging out at Home Depot much, but the last few visits have been filled with frustration. Aisles are a mess, shelves are even worse, and the checkout clerks take “it’s not my problem” to a whole new level.

The best is when my Dad and I were ready to pay for a few items at the local Home Depot here in Joplin, MO. I suggested we go through the self-checkout. My last experience at this Home Depot told me that the counter intuitive self-checkout machines were a safer bet. My Dad spotted a clerk with an open lane so it was too late. He approached the register and asked the clerk how he was doing. The guy replied with, “I’m pretty pissed off right now,” raises his voice, “See that girl right over there at that register? She’s telling me what to do. She’s only worked here one week and she thinks she knows everything.” Uh-huh, OK. Thanks for sharing buddy.


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