An example of delighting customers

Netflix is amazingly good in a lot of ways. Add this one to the list:

Netflix email screenshot

Netflix could have sent me Back to The Future and made me wait 3 to 5 days for it to arrive, but instead they sent an additional disc from my queue to make up for the shipping delay. They didn’t have to do this and I wouldn’t have complained. But they did and I think it’s a nice touch that deserves recognition.

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  • _rs

    I agree, that was a nice touch. I would love to be a Netflix customer but I never have the time to watch movies.

    Do they have a decent selection of kids-type movies (ages 1 to 5)?

  • That is a nice touch. I always appreciatte it when someone takes the time to write a blog post about a positive experience. Seems we are all to often motivated by frustration.