Quote from EC: “No one who’s old thinks they’re old.”

Two people proving EC's pointThis one came from my 11 year old son in a conversation I overheard between he and his grandfather. EC asked grandpa why he was skinning most but not all of the skin off a cucumber. Grandpa replied that he liked it that way. EC replied with, “Gee, I never knew old people could be so picky.” To which EC’s grandfather said something along the lines of “I’m not old.” And that led to the quote above.

Quote from EC: “I have seen so many teeth but yours is the best.”

The Tooth Pixie?My now ten year old son decided he’d play the part of the “Tooth Pixie” for his sister who lost her first tooth over the weekend. He left the following note:

Dear Leia Hoover,

I love your tooth. In return I give you this $5 dollar bill. I have seen so many teeth but yours is the best. Love the Tooth Pixie.


Apparently the Tooth Pixie signs all official letters with “XP”. Who knew?

Quote from EC: “It’s like a fun house that’s no fun.”

Fun houseI forgot to post this earlier. My now 10 year old son made this statement at his Grandma’s house over Christmas. The house is unique in that everyone who enters seems to lose at least one personal belonging (not including one’s mind). EC made the fun house reference after EC’s uncle couldn’t find yet another item of his.

Quote from EC: “Thank you for the olive cobbler.”

Olive cobblerEC’s mom made a casserole tonight. The recipe called for olives but she and I don’t like them so she gave EC a can of them to satisfy his need for a salt lick. I guess a casserole with a side of olives equals an olive cobbler. Not sure. Not sure I want to know.

Quote from EC: “He has a brilliant idea!”

Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko or EC? Hard to say.

Sadly, this quote from my son was not directed at me. It was for his friend, who suggested they sell their breakfast burritos, coffee and lemonade at his Grandmother’s garage sale instead of ours. A garage sale to EC is like insider information to Gordon Gekko – an opportunity to make lots of $$$.

Quote from EC: “It looks like someone murdered a pig.”

Oh EC. It’s been a while since I captured one of your famous quotes here. This is one of those that is hard to forget. It came over the weekend when I was painting our backyard fence. I was painting the fence a dark redish brown color. Apparently a color similar to that of pig’s blood? Hmmm…

Quote from EC: “Let’s roll like a troll!”

TrollMy nine year old son yelled this out as the family was getting ready to go out the other day. I’ll take partial blame for this one, as I have the habit of saying “let’s roll” when I’m trying to get the kids ready to go somewhere. I don’t ever recall throwing trolls into the mix. EC gets credit for that.

Quote from EC: “If I don’t make it through the night, I just want you to know this – you’re a bad manager.”

Ah yes, nothing like a little tornado warning and spending time in the basement with my eight year old son and (almost) four year old daughter. Contrary to what you might think, EC was not directing this quote at me. No, the target for this one was EC’s sister. I told EC that I didn’t realize his sister was a manager. He looked at me like I was the crazy one and then continued to contemplate (out loud) how he might die in a tornado tonight.