Quote from EC: “You know, Mario Brothers is like crack and cocaine for kids”

My twelve year old son was playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii with his friend tonight. My son has played the game so much over the years he’s come to almost hate it. His friend isn’t there yet. While blazing through each screen with ease, EC casually blurts out that quote. His friend looks Read more

Quote from EC: “I have seen so many teeth but yours is the best.”

My now ten year old son decided he’d play the part of the “Tooth Pixie” for his sister who lost her first tooth over the weekend. He left the following note: Dear Leia Hoover, I love your tooth. In return I give you this $5 dollar bill. I have seen so many teeth but yours Read more

Quote from EC: “It’s like a fun house that’s no fun.”

I forgot to post this earlier. My now 10 year old son made this statement at his Grandma’s house over Christmas. The house is unique in that everyone who enters seems to lose at least one personal belonging (not including one’s mind). EC made the fun house reference after EC’s uncle couldn’t find yet another Read more

Quote from EC: “If I don’t make it through the night, I just want you to know this – you’re a bad manager.”

Ah yes, nothing like a little tornado warning and spending time in the basement with my eight year old son and (almost) four year old daughter. Contrary to what you might think, EC was not directing this quote at me. No, the target for this one was EC’s sister. I told EC that I didn’t Read more