Getting USB devices to show up in VirtualBox 3.2 on Ubuntu

This is more for me than anyone else. Every so often I have to run Windows to update some (USB based) device that only works with some terrible software. That terrible software almost always only runs on Windows. My next three steps are opening VirtualBox on my computer (running Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) at the moment), Read more

64-bit Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar add-ons for Linux

For some reason, finding the Mozilla Thunderbird calendar add-ons that are compatible with 64-bit Linux were not as easy to find as I thought they would be. It took me several Google searches to finally turn up this link: When I went to either the Lightning install page or the Provider for Google Calendar Read more

Setting up Ubuntu One on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

I help out with the support requests that come into Ubuntu One. It doesn’t take too long helping out there before you realize our process for setting up your computer with Ubuntu One on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS can be problematic for some people. We’re making the setup process better in the next release (Maverick, Ubuntu Read more

Cloning VirtualBox images (or how I save hours a day when testing software)

First things first. If you’re testing software and you’re not using some sort of virtualization solution, stop reading this and go install one. My product of choice is VirtualBox. It’s free (as in no cost and most of it is open source), user friendly, runs on an Ubuntu host computer and I’m familiar with it. Read more