I Don’t Get Facebook

I’m not hip. I don’t get Facebook. I understand the concept but I don’t get the hype around it. OK, it’s a platform. But, maybe I’m missing something. The whole point of the Facebook platform seems to be about locking you into Facebook. Another well hyped web app is Twitter. While I don’t use Twitter (nor the numerous competitors), I think I get it. Twitter’s API makes more sense to me. Twitter isn’t locking you into a platform like Facebook is. Am I over simplifying things?

You’d think Amazon would try to build out a platform of sorts with their AWS offerings. Who knows, maybe they are. But, I think Amazon is taking more of the approach I see in services like Twitter — providing well focused services like the Flexible Payments Service (FPS) and Simple Queue Service (SQS) rather than an all encompassing platform that makes the seemingly limitless Internet and web rather limited.

So, what is it that I don’t get about Facebook that many others do?

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