Kubuntu 9.04 WiFi Problem Solved

I just upgraded to the latest beta version of Kubuntu 9.04 and after a reboot found that my wireless no longer worked. I believe this is because Kubuntu no longer uses the KNetworkManager app to configure wifi connections. If you’re having a similar issue try these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Task Manager bar and select Panel Options->Add Widgets…
  2. In the search type network
  3. Click on Network Management
  4. Click the Add Widget button
  5. Click the Close button
  6. In the Task Manager bar you should now see a new icon for the Network Management widget
  7. Right-click the Network Management widget and select Manage Connections…
  8. Click the Wireless tab
  9. Click the Add button
  10. Scan for your network and put in the proper settings for your wifi network
  11. Click the OK button once your wifi network settings are in place
  12. Click the OK button to close the Network Management widget

Note: You may be nagged for your KWallet password now when your computer boots. This is because the Network Management widget is using KWallet to store the wifi password. If anyone knows how to get around this, please feel free to share. :)

  • Alexey

    after all wireless still not work.=(

  • Justin

    Dude, Your a god… not thee god… at least I don’t think, but your definitely a god!

    I have the Dell M1330 Crimson Red, fresh out of the box Kubuntu 8.04, upgraded to 9.04 and poof bye bye wireless. I’ve been reading boards and no solution.

    YOU SOLVED IT FOR ME, Thank you


  • sean scullion

    Yo! Thanks for posting this. Much needed. How ludicrous that they’ve launched 9.04 without obvious networking. This works a treat!

    I still find I often have to type the password in, which is a bit weird but at least now I can get online…

    Thanks again!


  • komofei

    Hi, this realy helped me, but I needed to (remove/purge knetworkmanager + restart kubuntu) to get it working.
    I still have a little problem I don’t have network-manager icon in system try – I can’t see my connections quickly :(

  • komofei

    Try to use/enable kwallet system.

  • Thomas K

    @sean: I think if you install 9.04 directly, it has the networking widget there–it’s just on upgrades, because it’s preserving your desktop as is, that it’s not there. I think there was something in the release notes, but I agree that it could be more obvious.

    @komofei: The network manager icon now lives outside your system tray as a separate widget. You can put it wherever you like for easy access.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    It worked for me, but only in DHCP mode, not with static IP.

    Thank you.

  • noone

    Note: You may be nagged for your KWallet password now when your computer boots. This is because the Network Management widget is using KWallet to store the wifi password. If anyone knows how to get around this, please feel free to share. :)

    Open your KDEWallet (if you don’t know where it is, just search it in the Kstart). Open menu Configure Wallet and you will see an option Enable the KdeWallet subsystem. Just uncheck it :)
    That’s all!

  • Saj Joseph

    What you mentioned here are helpful. I just want to add my experience here. If you have disabled broadcasting of SSID, network manager wasn’t picking up my network (even after I manually entered the SSID value). The solution: Just enable broadcasting on Wireless router temporarily and once NetworkManager configuration is completed, disable it. Everything will work…


  • The issue for me is that the Wallet thing has to be enabled otherwise it just will not work.

  • Missaka

    I had the same issue with disabled SSID broadcasting on my wireless network. Thanks to Saj Joseph for finding solution. NetworkManager did not honor the connection even when manually added.

  • Aleksander

    I had the same situation like Saj Joseph. I have not tried his solution yet. I start my network from console:

    sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid “MySecretSSID”

    and then

    sudo iwlist wlan0 scan essid “MySecretSSID”

    once, twice or more times.

  • Aleksander

    Excuse me. I made a mistake. The write code is:

    sudo iwlist wlan0 scan essid MySecretSSID

  • BD

    I had the same issues, tried the above, didn’t work for me. My laptop would see my wireless network, but wouldn’t connect to it. Then tried installing WICD, setup is simple and worked for me straight away.

  • Nat

    I installed 9.04 from a respin which I got on the July issue of Linux Format magazine. It was missing the package with this widgit in so a search on widgits for network just returned System Monitor. I found the package I needed was plasma-widget-network-manager.

    So a quick;

    sudo aptitude install plasma-widget-network-manager

    (with a lan cable to give internet access) solved the problem.

    Hopefully this might help someone else with this version.

  • WebbDawg

    After 2 weeks of this failed 9.04 install and no wireless, I found your fix.

    In less that 10 minutes I am online. I cannot believe the Ubuntu Forums does not have this listed.


  • ragavan

    thanks mate. cheers. worked for me. i am dual booting win 7 and kubuntu 11.04

  • Anonymous

    wireless tab inactive
    I am using a Toshiba satellite L550