One little problem setting up Cloudflare SSL via cPanel for a site

I’m not going to give a full tutorial on how to setup Cloudflare SSL for a web site using cPanel for its hosting management. There are better resources for that. However, I did run into an issue that took me a while to track down and I wanted to capture that here in hopes that it saves someone else some time.

I had everything setup on the Cloudflare side and added the keys to cPanel for my domain but received the following error:

The system did not find the Certificate Authority Bundle that matches this certificate

There was a spot in the cPanel SSL setup page for adding the CA Bundle but my Google searches weren’t returning what I needed. Somewhere along the way I finally ran into my answer, which can be found at this Cloudflare support page. Once I added the Cloudflare root certificate from that support page, my site was enabled to serve up pages via HTTPS.

Note: I setup another domain for SSL via this same setup and didn’t have to enter the Cloudflare root certificate again.

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