Why I Got a PS3 (And Not an Xbox 360)

I think I’m one of the last hold outs on the high-def revolution. I finally caved in this holiday season, and as a result, ended up buying a PS3. I’m not a big gamer. I play a little bit with my son and will occasionally play a sports game here and there. Therefore, my reasons for going with a PS3 over an XBox 360 are not likely in line with those of most big gamers so I thought I’d post them here. I realize it’s a bit too late to re-flame the fires of the whole PS3 vs. Xbox 360 debate, but my reasons for buying a PS3 may be telling for how Sony might have some hope with the PS3 after a horrific start.

1. I wanted a Blu-ray player

Blu-ray Disc logoDefinitely the number one driver was the Blu-ray player in the PS3. I would’ve had to buy a separate Blu-ray player otherwise and it wouldn’t have likely been as solid as the one that comes with the PS3. No brainer here. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, there is a noticeable difference between Blu-ray and an upconverted DVD when you start looking at 1080p HD displays 40″ or bigger from most normal viewing distances. I was never convinced of this until I saw it with my own eyes, up close and personal.

PSN logo2. No charge for PSN

I understand why Microsoft charges for XBox Live and I expect Sony to try to start charging in the future or at least adding paid-only features to PSN. I think it’s absurd that an XBox Live subscription is required for things like Netflix streaming on the XBox 360. It’s not like Microsoft is providing any value add there. At least with the games, you can argue you’re getting the benefit of the whole XBox Live infrastructure and features. I think Microsoft needs to rethink how they force the use of XBox Live as more features come out that don’t necessarily require or make use of the XBox Live services.

3. Wifi is included

WiFi logoHard core gamers don’t use wifi, I realize this. But I’m not a hard core gamer. For Netflix streaming, media server style streaming (UPnP) from my Ubuntu boxes, and my family’s limited online game play, 802.11g wifi works great. I hate that the Xbox 360 does not include wifi.

Xbox 360 red ring of death4. PS3 is still more reliable overall

I didn’t think this was the case anymore until I recently heard Leo Laporte on the Windows Weekly podcast say he’s gone through several Xbox 360 units with various failures. He said the last failure has driven him to the PS3. I also would read about troubling Xbox 360 failure rate numbers as recent as September of 2009.

5. The PS3 holiday bundle was better

Little Big Planet and Ratchet & ClankI paid $299 for the PS3 on black Friday, but got it with two excellent $50+ games, Little Big Planet and Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 had bundles with more games but none were as high quality and family friendly as those that came with the PS3.

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