Cross Platform Web Conferencing

Have you ever been on a web conference where people complained about it not working on their operating system of choice? Tired of hearing Linux and OS X users (rightfully) object to the use of web conferencing software that gives them limited (if any) screen sharing capabilities? I am and I think I may have found a solution in WebHuddle.

WebHuddleEvery so often I go out and do a search for cross platform web conferencing and normally come up empty handed. Sure, there are plenty of solutions that give you cross platform viewing of web conferences, but the holy grail is being able to transfer screen sharing functionality to anyone on the web conference, regardless of whether they’re running Windows, Linux or OS X. I think WebHuddle may have hit this holy grail. No, it’s not the fanciest product. Nor is it likely to win any awards for user interface design. But based on some early testing, it does what most other tools in its space cannot and that is provide true cross platform web conferencing.

P.S. Yes, I know about Yugma. I liked Yugma quite a bit. It was quick, easy and cheap. Keywords there: “liked” and “was”. Then version 3.0 came out and I’ve had enough problems with it to give up on Yugma entirely. Three different web conferences I attended/hosted with Yugma 3.0 and all were plagued by a variety of issues. I ran out of patience.

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