Let’s get this thing done – Only the Young

Only the Young posterAt the True/False film festival this year I saw some great documentaries. There are two that I tell everyone about. One of those is Only the Young, a film about a few ordinary teenagers in Southern California living their lives and growing up right before the camera. It doesn’t sound like an amazing premise and that’s largely what makes this film such an incredible feat. The cinematography is gorgeous, the soundtrack is unexpectedly great, and the editing is crisp. Add to all that some amazing kids and the results are magic on the screen. No lie. Magic.

Only the Young is making its debut at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto this May. Great! But the bad news is the film makers still need some help finishing the film. I mentioned the soundtrack stood out as being particularly excellent. Well, that soul music filled soundtrack costs quite a bit to license. There is also some technical work that needs to be done to make the film look and sound its best. All this adds up. Fortunately, the film makers have connections and are getting good rates on the technical work that needs to be done which lowers the costs. But they still need around $15,570 to pay for everything.

There is a Kickstarter project and everyone can help make this happen. I supported the film and will get a DVD for that contribution. This is a film I’ve been wanting to get my hands on ever since I saw it at True/False so the chance to support it early and get a DVD later is a good deal. I don’t normally go around peddling for projects like this so I hope that shows just how much I enjoyed this film and think you will too. If you want to support a great film and get a copy of it (and possibly more, depending on how much you contribute) in the not so distant future, now is the time to act:

Support Only the Young on Kickstarter

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