Making The Holidays Extra Special This Year

Since my game changing book won’t likely be ready in time for the holidays, I figured I should provide the readers of this blog with a great gift to give to their friends and family this Christmas. The picture in this post is just one of many styles of shirts you can purchase with the i must be an acrobat header on it. i must be an acrobat shirt from ZazzleAs an added bonus, the back has the url to this blog on it. At first, I thought it would be tasteful to put the url on the back in fairly small type. But then, I considered those wearing the shirt and how they’d probably prefer to have the url as big as can be in order to best share their passion for this blog, me, and the clown figurine that walks across that tightrope.

I can’t vouch for the shirt personally. Although, I did purchase one for my biggest fan, who is always going out of his way to tell people that I have a blog. Some might say he’s mocking me when he does this, but I know that deep down inside he is my biggest fan and supporter. He knows it. I know it. (I’ll pretend I didn’t hear rumors of him contemplating going around downtown Philly and having various odd ball characters off the street pose in the shirt as he captures their photo.) Unfortunately, my biggest fan does not have his own blog, so I can’t point you to his gushing reviews of the shirt he received this week in the mail.

So, instead of surprising your kids with that Nintendo Wii they’ve been asking for all year long, how about you give them the gift that keeps on giving? What better way to say “you mean the world to me” then to send an i must be an acrobat shirt to all your friends? And don’t forget your co-workers. Nothing expresses your gratitude quite like a shirt that has on the back in a 200 point sized font. Go on, make this holiday season extra special.

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