Mercy! (i.e. WordPress Upgrade)

WordPress LogoTonight I decided to upgrade this blog to the latest and greatest version of WordPress. I originally went down the path of following the upgrade instructions when I realized that it was kind of crazy to do so when there is the option of using Subversion. The problem with the traditional upgrade is that it requires you to manually copy a lot of files over from the old install like any of your plugins, themes, uploads, etc. By using the Subversion option I can now update to the latest stable version of WordPress by running a single svn command. I like that a lot better.

  • This is the way updates should be done. Why don’t more places do this when the infrastructure to do so is already built right into their versioning system. Make a nice little wrapper for the svn command and even Grandma could update her blog. (You know the blog where she discusses the nuances of getting both a flaky AND tender pie crust.)