Not about school

Consider this a parable of sorts for those building products. I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine its meaning.

Carl is a senior in high school and has a D in Algebra II heading into the last semester. He wants to bring his grade up to a B so that he can qualify for college scholarships. Quizzes and tests make up 80% of a student’s grade. The other 20% consists of completing homework (15%) and classroom work (5%). Carl’s Algebra II teacher, Mr. Smith, insists that Carl catch up on all his missing classroom work first, even though most of that work will not help on upcoming quizzes and tests. Mr. Smith works with his student to create a rather large yet well-defined backlog of all the classroom work Carl needs to catch up on so they can track his progress together. Carl diligently works on burning down that backlog. He finally catches up on the classroom work near the end of the school year. Mr. Smith pats him on the back. Carl’s final Algebra II grade is a D+.

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