Shared: Why I Listen to Podcasts at 1x Speed

On my microblog I mentioned that I always listen to podcasts at 1x speed.

Here’s why:

We’re in danger, I think, of treating everything as if it’s some measure of our productivity. Number of steps taken, emails replied-to, articles read, podcasts listened-to.

Brent Simmons: Why I Listen to Podcasts at 1x Speed

Same. It’s strange though, I listen to most audio books at around 1.5x speed. Podcasts are always played at 1x speed. I think this is mainly because I enjoy the regular cadence of the podcast conversations, but the audio books feel painfully slow in comparison, mainly because it’s usually just one narrator reading. If I felt a similar need to speed up podcasts, I don’t think I would listen to them as much as I do. – Josh