Shared: Do I Need an API Gateway if I Use a Service Mesh?

I believe the confusion arises because the following: there is overlap in technologies used (proxies) there is overlap in capabilities (traffic control, routing, metric collection, security/policy enforcement, etc.) a belief that “service mesh” replaces API management a misunderstanding of the capabilities of a service mesh some service meshes have their own gateways The last bullet […]

Shared: Why I Listen to Podcasts at 1x Speed

On my microblog I mentioned that I always listen to podcasts at 1x speed. Here’s why: We’re in danger, I think, of treating everything as if it’s some measure of our productivity. Number of steps taken, emails replied-to, articles read, podcasts listened-to. – Brent Simmons: Why I Listen to Podcasts at 1x Speed Same. It’s strange though, I […]

Shared: Reorganizing Product Teams

People want to know what worked well at other successful companies because there is an assumption that it might work well for them… this is understandable. But what worked at Spotify or Shopify or Stackify will not necessarily work for them. And recently, a product leader at Spotify shared that her group (and many others […]

Shared: The Blue Tape List

Having been through this experience many times, I’ve discovered that a simple fix is patience. In time, that which is different will feel normal. It’s why when a team member reports moderate concerns with a new hire that I gently always ask, “When did they start?” If the answer is less than two months, I […]

Shared: Crypto can’t scale because of consensus … yet Amazon DynamoDB does over 45 Million TPS

Infrastructure ignorance comes at a cost. Cryptocurrency developers largely ignore the fact that the cloud exists (certainly that managed services, the most modern incarnation of the cloud, exist). This is surprising, given that the vast majority of cryptocurrency nodes run in the cloud anyway, and it almost certainly accounts for at least some of the […]

Shared: This Feature Should Be Easy

It’s everything around the feature that makes it harder: UI design, localization, refactoring, accessibility, state restoration, getting new artwork (for a toolbar button, for instance), dealing with errors, testing, updating the documentation, etc. This Feature Should Be Easy If you want to make sure your feature request is dismissed or put at the bottom […]