Shared: Why I think GCP is better than AWS

Both AWS and GCP are very secure and you will be okay as long as are not careless in your design. However GCP for me has an edge in the sense that everything is encrypted by default. For example their buckets and their logs are encrypted in transit and at rest. For some bizarre reason AWS does not encrypt buckets or logs by default, you have to enable this. Who the hell would NOT want their data encrypted on AWS servers?

Fernando Villalba: Why I think GCP is better than AWS

When I saw this post come across I thought it was going to be some serious clickbait. Surprise, surprise – it’s anything but, filled with specific examples of where GCP is superior to AWS. The (sad) truth is that GCP has taken far too long to get to its current state. Google seemed to treat GCP as a side project, while Amazon created the market for cloud infrastructure. Regardless, there are many things Amazon could learn from GCP, including simple things like sane defaults, wrangling the mess that is their account system, and putting together a more coherent story for developers. -Josh