Way late reviews

My home projectorSince I’ve struggled to post much, I’ve decided to push myself a bit. I’ll do this by writing movie reviews and posting them here. I’m a pretty big fan of the moving pictures and watch at least a couple a week. My goal is to write a review for each flick I watch. The catch is that most of the movies I review are not new. They’re not necessarily old or classics, but they’re typically not the latest releases in the theater. Thus the name, “Way late reviews”. Creative, I know. Let’s hope the reviews are better.

And for those sticklers out there (you know who you are), I’m including several useful bits for every movie: An image of the disc (Blu-ray when available) with a link to Amazon, the first link for the movie title will be to the IMDB page, a Netflix add button and, whenever possible, a trailer for the movie. Enjoy.

Ready? Read the reviews here.

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