A few people I’m said to look like

For whatever reason I have a face that reminds people of either someone they know personally or of a celebrity. I’ve gotten this since I was in grade school, back when I was considered a minority and many kids thought I looked like Christopher Reeves from the Superman movies. I often took this to mean that all white people look alike. 😉

Christopher Reeve - Superman

Then, in high school, numerous people pointed out that I looked like Smashing Pumpkins’ lead singer, Billy Corgan. It was around this time that I too had my head shaved. And, yes, I also looked like a younger version of Uncle Fester.

Billy Corgan

In the last ten years or so, it seems that I remind people of Matt Damon, which is funny because my wife is a fan of his. It must be because Matt reminds her of me, right?

Matt Damon

And finally, this is me now that I’ve worked from home in my basement for two years.


Throw some shades on and I’m one step closer to writing epic manifestos and living off the land, huh?

Update (May 14, 2012):

This past weekend I was told that I reminded two friends and former co-workers of Colin Morgan who played Merlin in the BBC series simply titled Merlin.

Colin Morgan


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