Shared: How to break the “senior engineer” career ceiling

Remember, your job is to help others become better versions of themselves, not to make them become you!
You need to show, not tell. And use your power of influence to level others up. Help other engineers improve their decision making and their ability to execute effectively. This can be slow and challenging and 80% of what you do is communication. How to break the “senior engineer” career ceiling

Moving from an individual contributor as a senior software engineer to a tech lead or principal engineer is not for the faint of heart. I’ve seen people struggle with it over the years in my career in tech. The biggest “gotcha” is when the person realizes they’re no longer measured based on their output but on their impact, and that impact often has little to do with what they were best at prior to the promotion. Making myself better is one thing. Making others better is next level and then some. – Josh