Top 10 Signs of a Troubled Daily Scrum

  1. Takes longer than 15 minutes
  2. All team members aren’t answering these three questions clearly:
    1. What did I commit to and get done since the last daily scrum?
    2. What am I committing to getting done by the next daily scrum?
    3. What obstacles are impeding my progress?
  3. ScrumNo one can remember what anyone else said 30 seconds after it’s over
  4. Team member says he’s not sure what he’s going to do today & no one on the team says anything
  5. Impediments are rarely reported
  6. Scrum Master isn’t capturing impediments
  7. Team members who can’t make it in person don’t call in or email/tell a fellow team member their answers to the three questions prior
  8. Not reporting out against tasks in Sprint backlog tool (task board, ScrumWorks, etc.)
  9. Team won’t hold it without prodding from Scrum Master
  10. Team members report out to Scrum Master

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