Top 10 Things to Look for in A Scrum Master

  1. Can schedule meetings in Outlook or a similar software package
  2. Able to setup a projector on a moment’s notice
  3. Knows how to start and manage a web conference
  4. Can launch and navigate an agile project management tool
  5. The “go to” note taker
  6. Has all the best menus to order lunch from handy at all times
  7. Able to call in a lunch order
  8. Able to facilitate excellent kumbaya sessions
  9. Follows orders
  10. Is well liked at all times

  • Ok, I give….which ones do you have?

  • Ouch.

  • Joshua Hoover

    I can feel the love Travis…or should I say “SuperCodePoet”? :)

  • jlorenzen

    Oh come on. Give yourself more credit than that. You also have to put up the projector when the meeting is over.