Agile and Estimates and Contracts! Oh My!

Over the last six months, I’ve been mulling over one of those subjects that has often been a stumbling block for IT providers considering adoption of agile for their customers’ software development projects. The dilemma revolves around contracts and estimating projects. The two tend to go together. Once you have one figured out it seems […]

Oxymoron: Enterprise Agile Project Management Software

My favorite agile software development topic of them all — tools. More specifically, agile project management tools. If you’re old school, you bust out some index cards, some butcher paper, some writing utensils, and you get to work. If you’re trying to use one of the simplest of agile project management software tools (that most […]

So That…

One of the most overlooked parts of user stories is the content that follows those two little words, “so that.”  I’ve found that we (those of us working on agile projects) tend to do a good job of writing user stories until it gets to those two little words.  For example, let’s say the iPhone […]

Your Search is Over: The Definition of Done in 3 Easy Steps

Has your team struggled to define “done” for user stories? You are alone. Everyone has this one figured out.  You must be new to this thing called agile software development. What’s that? You’ve been doing this agile thing for some time now?  Wow, that has got to be depressing. I’m sorry to hear that you’re […]