Be Great or Quit Now

I spent the day today with my fellow Gestalt Scrum Masters meeting about what we want to accomplish as a team within the company. It was a productive meeting overall. There were quite a few good discussions that have led to some meaningful action items. I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead. When discussing our […]

Story Points are Lame?

Ah yes, my second favorite topic when it comes to all things agile — story points. My favorite agile topic? Agile project management tools. But that topic is easy to sum up in one sentence: All the agile project management tools I’ve ever used or evaluated tend to suck in their own unique ways. Maybe […]

Getting Less Done

“We found out we got a whole lot less done when we’re sitting next to each other the whole time.” -Jason Fried, 37 Signals That quote comes from a short interview Jason Fried did with Crain’s Chicago Business. That point of view collides with those like me who promote co-located teams as a way to […]

SOA, Agile, Lean, etc. are The Answer, but What was The Question Again?

There have been a lot of good posts about SOA lately. Gestalt’s CTO, Jim Stogdill, points to both an article by Cynthia Rettig and Nicholas Carr’s follow up on Rettig’s article. The take away from these articles and posts seems to be that just as ERP software implementations have been plagued with mind numbing complexity, […]